‘Je telefoon is je Zwitsers zakmes’

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Posted 12 jul 2016 in nieuws

Nick Garnett, reporter voor BBC radio, gebruikt al jaren alleen nog maar zijn mobiele telefoon op opnamen mee te maken. Zijn telefoon noemt hij zijn Zwitserse zakmes. Garnett mag dan voor de radio werken, hij maakt vooral video met zijn telefoon. Tijdens…

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  1. Reading this makes my deinsiocs easier than taking candy from a baby.

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  4. THEREAL is really off. Wiz and Gibbs have different lanes. One is a pop motherfucker, the other is a grimy motherfucker. Freddie is getting crazy critical acclaim which is settign him up for big things. It took Tarantino a few movies before he blew up. But you have to respect his art. Wiz is going for the blockbuster, Gibbs is making art films. Both are dope.

  5. Aren't such dreams fun and intriguing. You say you never found such a cylinder in the next few days and then received such full-on texts from a delirious feverish friend.Some of the most intense and radical experiences I've had have been during my times in hospital. I've also been given objects in my dreams and actually believe such are most likely still in our possession… just not readily visible.Cheers,Paolo

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