Negende VPRO Documentaire Prijs uitgereikt

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Posted 29 jun 2016 in nieuws

De film The Origin of Trouble is de winnaar van de VPRO Documentaire Prijs 2016. In de film gaat regisseur Tessa Pope de confrontatie aan met haar verleden en de complexe band met haar vader. Het is de negende keer dat de prijs voor de beste…

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  1. Vet du hva?? Jeg skal i gang med et soever-megg-tmppe. Denne teknikken du nå har vist var jo bare midt i blinken til dette teppet. TUSEN MILLIONER TAKK!!!!!!!!! Jeg har jo som vanlig ikke noe mønster men en ting vet jeg sikekrt, denne skal jeg ha med i teppet. SYnes du er flink til å forklare jeg:-)Ha en finfin kveld.

  2. I notice when it’s high or low. I just read a book where the heroine seemed scattered and directionless, and about a third of the way into the book I realized she was about 25, so then it made sense to me. I do admit I like the hero who has a little bit of town bronze, so to speak – at least over 36. Don’t know why.As to best age, definately the 40s. I’m mid way into them now and they rock! I have a ton of energy, and a ton of schmaltz and a decided lack of care for convention, more so than usual, which makes for a fun combination.

  3. dopo la Honda non si rimane più colpiti da questi “videucoli” -Comunque il making of fa sembrare la realizzazione molto meno difficile di quanto mi asrei immaginato vedendo lo spot…potere del montaggio!

  4. That’s really thinking at an impressive level

  5. To be fair, a reasonable argument can be made for having a flexible format and letting the applications decide how much to expose or hide. But I don’t see why this couldn’t have been done with namespaces. IIRC, the funkiness campaign wasn’t about not using namespaces, it was about not using namespaces for standard fields that had non-namespaced equivalents.

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